To ‘U’ or Not To ‘U’…..

Four Tips from an Editor

There are several things you can do before you submit your manuscript to your chosen editor that will make life a whole lot easier for everyone.

Obviously, you have looked through your manuscript for those red underlined words and corrected the spelling accordingly but have you been consistent?

Be CONSISTENT if nothing else..

Tip #1

Decide on which dictionary you are adhering to and let your editor know.

Are you spelling words like colour, labour and favourite with or without the ‘u’?

“English” is not necessarily the same English to everyone – English USA and English UK are different.

Be consistent.

Tip #2

Use the Find function for everything (Ctrl + F).

Jot down the eye colours you might have used for your characters. Now “find” them one by one. Have you been consistent?

Do the same for hair colour and any other word you might have used more than once to describe your characters.

“Find” your characters names. This is particularly important in genre’s that use fantasy or complicated spellings.

Tip #3

Add words that you have a special spelling for, like a name, to the dictionary by right clicking on the word and choosing ‘Add to dictionary’ in the drop down list. This will stop you from seeing the word underlined in red and assuming you know it’s underlined but still the correct spelling because you made the word or spelling up.

Tip #4

Improperly punctuated dialogue marks a beginner writer quicker than anything else.

Learn the rules.

Use them consistently.

Use the “Find” function and go through your manuscript. Yes, it will allow you to look for “ or ‘ surrounding your dialogue.

These are just some of the more common areas that will save you time (and money if you are paying an editor) so be diligent about them. Fixing these points will also show your editor that you are serious about your work.

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