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Welcome! Thanks for hanging out with us – we hope you’ll find lots of interesting things to keep you around for a bit and to make you want to return 🙂  If by any chance we fall short of that goal, we’d love to hear your feedback as to what would make the site more of a place you want to be, so please consider contacting us.

So what can you expect to find here? Keep reading to find out!


Well, first you might want to browse through our Blog. Here you’ll find articles pertaining to a few different areas of interest. All articles are submitted by authors who help to contribute to the site – and guest bloggers are always welcome.  As a “reader” you might be most interested in:


  • Monday Interviews (to learn about new authors)
  • Thursday Reviews (to find new books that sound interesting)
  • Friday Short Stories (for a quick light read, these vary throughout several genres)
  • Saturday Author Musings (these are fun pieces where authors share some insights and random things)

There’s also categories for Writing Tips and Publishing Tips, but those might not be of as much interest to a reader.

[break]ARCs or Review copies

Next, we have a section where you can sign up to receive ARCs or Review copies of books for free, in exchange for your feedback/review. When you sign up for this you’ll receive an email once per week as a reminder to check out if there’s any new additions and this also serves as a reminder to submit your feedback/reviews. We don’t just send you books, you look at what’s available and request the ones you want.Free ARCs-ad2


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[break][break]Another section that we’d love to have you check out is our Aiding Indie Authors program.

Basically, do you like to read? Do you know someone who likes to read? You can join this group and ask your friends to come along too. Every week there’s a new book Spotlight at either $1 or Free (bonus for you!) and you’d be helping out new authors (awesome karma for you!) and you just might fall in love with a new book (another bonus for you!) – This really is completely in your favour!

You can browse through past Spotlights too![/one_half_last]

[break]Featured Titles

Our Featured Titles section is about giving indie authors an opportunity to showcase their books to you the reader. Ideally, we hope that you’ll subscribe to the email newsletter for this section so that we can send you emails about new books that you might be interested in grabbing a copy of. Sometimes these featured books will be brand new releases, sometimes they may have been out for awhile but you still haven’t heard about them. They might be listed at regular price, a discount or free – we don’t restrict who can submit books from that angle. It’s a very competitive market for authors to try to get their books in front of genuine readers and we would sure appreciate you giving them the opportunity to share their details with you in a respectful and friendly manner. While there are some titles showing in this section right now, we’re currently focusing on increasing the number of reader subscribers before we move forward too much with this section.

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Each section described above does have a subscription form within the section… however, to make things even easier for you, we do have a dedicated Subscription Page where you can sign up for all of them in one shot. We like to try to make things as easy as possible!


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Spread the Word


The Help Spread The Word section is a fun area where you can jump right in and get involved in a real quick and easy way.  This page is setup with a variety of posts from Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest that you can easily share to your own networks with a simple click – do as many as you like or come back daily to grab a different one. The posts available for sharing do get updated and changed periodically.

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