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‘A grandfather clock has a face and a voice. As its name suggests, it is more than a piece of furniture; it is a member of the family’ Richard C.R. Barder 1983 DECEMBER 1880. There will be no jolly Christmas cheer this year. The harsh winter had descended; snow blankets the ground and the lake is frozen solid. Within the walls of Clement Cottage, the fire is dwindling, its embers barely bright… Read More

‘Rainbows and Roses’ is a delightful selection of whimsical short stories, along with a collection of poetry inspired by memories from childhood, the environment, together with a little bit of fun. Featuring: ‘One Breath’: a heartfelt story of love and loss. ‘The Symbolism of the Rose’: with some basic history, myths & legends surrounding the ‘Queen of Flowers’. ‘Grandfather Time’: An ancient longcase clock with a spark of magic. Rose English Author… Read More

‘…And many a weary heart shall sing The Snowdrop bringeth Hope and Spring.’From the book Poetry of the Flowers by Mrs CM Kirtland 1800) Hope is all Emmeline has. Under rolling storm clouds and raging thunder, the Gods unleash their wrath upon the earth, and in the chaos of the countryside awash with rivulets, Alfie Beeson is felled by some unseen force. With a desperate burst of strength, Emmeline drags her unconscious… Read More