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From the outside, Marcos and Jasmine Martinez seem to have everything. Their days are filled with dream jobs, perfect health, and untold wealth, yet underneath it all, something is broken. Something money won’t fix, but neither have a clue as to what will. Honourable to a fault, Cristian Matos is trapped in a loveless marriage to his best friend’s sister. A siren, Leticia Martinez fulfills his desires whilst making him feel dirty…. Read More

Truth and Retribution. The story of a monster – Paolo Martinez. He has sworn to protect the public, but he manages to terrorise all the street children of Rio. If we’ve learned one thing on this journey, it’s that the streets of Rio offer atrocities around every corner, particularly for the vulnerable street children. So how can a so-called protector turn his back on them? Has some event in his past turned… Read More

Back in Rio Jose, Christina and the rest of the family are still coming to terms with their recent loss. As hard as it is, life must go on. And, for some, it does. Even as Jose dreams of making changes to his life, Analise’s reaction to his desires is unexpected, and more than he bargained for from his wife. Christina meanwhile is about to find her life altering drastically, facing changes… Read More

Rio, Brasil has always been split in half. Marcos Martinez is from the half where homelessness and poverty is the norm. The son of a man who lived on the streets until he was adopted at the age of twelve, Marcos has made it his mission to defy the norm and make something of his life. Gio Silvas knows only the lifestyle of the other side. A billionaire’s son, he’s a selfish,… Read More

Having seen first-hand the results of starvation, abuse, and murder, Carlos Suarez knows all too well that the streets of Rio are no place for a child to grow up. Because of his own history and subsequent rescue from that poverty at the age of fifteen, he makes it his life’s work to ensure opportunities are available to the future generations of Brasil’s homeless children—but no matter how many kids Carlos saves,… Read More

Two babies abandoned at birth—one grows up in a life of privilege, the other in poverty. On the 12th of September, 1981, twin boys are born in a Brasilian hospital and left to their fate as orphans. Jose is adopted by a couple who takes him to England, but the other isn’t so lucky. Pedro ends up on the streets of Rio, left to fend for himself in a harsh and unforgiving… Read More