Return to the Streets (Children from the Streets Book 6)

From the outside, Marcos and Jasmine Martinez seem to have everything. Their days are filled with dream jobs, perfect health, and untold wealth, yet underneath it all, something is broken. Something money won’t fix, but neither have a clue as to what will.

Honourable to a fault, Cristian Matos is trapped in a loveless marriage to his best friend’s sister. A siren, Leticia Martinez fulfills his desires whilst making him feel dirty. Leaving her is very much on Cristian’s mind, as are his relationships with Marcos and Jasmine, but what kind of man would take the steps he’s considering when his wife is so emotionally unstable?

The fun-loving celebration of Carnival is over. As we return to the streets of Rio, love, lies, and betrayal rock the Martinez family once again. With so much devastation, surely all that’s left now is destruction, especially when vengeance brings the family full circle.

Can enough happiness still be found to overcome all their heartaches? Or is the Martinez family forever cursed?

Maria Gibbs

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I think I was about eight years old when I knew I wanted to be an author. I would tap away on an old typewriter; I was excited beyond belief when I got a new one for a birthday. I devoured books, head continually buried inside. Enid Blyton at that time was the most inspiring of authors as she took me away from my world and placed me into the ones she’d created. (The authors, that inspire me now can be found in the main menu bar.)

I wrote whenever I could, at school in break-time and any creative writing tasks in English were my personal Utopia. I even used to read my stories aloud to whoever would listen. I discovered that I too could create worlds to escape to of my own making. That was a powerful discovery, a drug, an addiction to which I have no intention of curing at rehab!

Life got in the way as it inevitably does. I had a son who has a learning disability and very complex behavioural needs. For many years, he had to be my main focus. Eventually, I was able to start thinking about writing again, and I threw myself into it with a vengeance.

“As Dream Are Made on.” is the first novelette that I released, swiftly followed by ‘A Lifetime or a Season.” and nearly a year later I added “The Storm Creature.”. I have a number of novels in the pipeline at varying stages of completion that I am very excited about. I hope to be able to publish them soon. I hope you will read and enjoy doing as much as I have enjoyed writing them.

The actual act of writing is a very solitary experience, but there is nothing more satisfying than when you have poured every part of yourself into your writing, and you are left drained, but euphoric. I will never forget the look on the face of an overly confident, good-looking guy I met on holiday. I was in the middle of a really good writing session, the words were flowing faster than my pen could write, I was desperate to get it all down on paper before it was lost. He interrupted that flow as he sought to engage me with his rather cheesy chat up lines. It was inevitable…I chose my writing over him. What can I say other than the urge to write is strong and I am but a willing slave.

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