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  • From My Bookshelf: Elizabeth George

    From My Bookshelf: Elizabeth George

    By Lynn Willoughby A Banquet of Consequences    Elizabeth George This author of the Inspector Lynley crime novels has been around for 2 decades.   I have read many of her books and always enjoy the working relationship  and its problems between Lynley and Barbara Havers, his partner.  So I was disappointed in this book […]

  • From My Bookshelf: Noah Hawley

    From My Bookshelf: Noah Hawley

    By Lynn Willoughby [break] Before the Fall ~ Noah Hawley [break] This novel had so much potential. It is well written, full of well rounded characters with interesting lives, including flaws. [break] It begins with a family of four leaving Martha’s Vineyard on their private jet. They invite another couple to return to New York […]

  • National Park Fiction Series By George Mercer

    National Park Fiction Series By George Mercer

    George Mercer, a former Jasper National Park Warden has just released Wood Buffalo, his second novel in the Dyed In The Green series, the first fiction series about Canada’s national park wardens and their battles to protect our country’s special places. Mercer, who was born and raised in Newfoundland, worked in six national parks across […]

  • SCI-FI: Aeonosphere – Jo Roderick

    SCI-FI: Aeonosphere – Jo Roderick

    Aeonosphere is an exciting adventure that crosses time and space quite spectacularly.  Tom Scandari, our intrepid hero, is on the edge of a great discovery – and no doubt, a great story for the newspaper he works for.  As he investigates his case, he discovers something that even he can’t quite believe.  It is, and I […]

  • THRILLER:  Reckless – Susan Kiernan-Lewis

    THRILLER: Reckless – Susan Kiernan-Lewis

    (Subtitled – A Mia Kazmaroff Mystery Book 1) Reckless was provided to me by Kindle free of charge and is the first of a series of Mia Kazmaroff Mysteries, written by Susan  Kiernan-Lewis and published by San Marco Press. The books that follow on in the series are “Shameless”, “Breathless”, “Heartless” and “Loveless”. Checking out […]