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  • FANTASY: Wish for Me by A. Star

    FANTASY: Wish for Me by A. Star

    When Glory St. Pierre finds an odd looking vase in her recently deceased grandmother’s basement, little did she know she was about to discover the existence of djinn, as well as a whole new world. This is where Irving comes into it, and grants Glory three wishes. There isn’t really much more I can say […]

  • From My Bookshelf: Kathryn Kruitenbrouwer

    From My Bookshelf: Kathryn Kruitenbrouwer

    By Lynn Willoughby [break] All the Broken Things ~ Kathryn Kruitenbrouwer [break] In 1983, in Toronto, Bo lives with his mother and his sister.  He is fourteen.  The family are Vietnamese refugees. His sister is now four and so severely disfigured and grotesque from the effects of Agent Orange that her mother, Rose, will never allow […]

  • ROMANCE: When I See Your Face – Devika Fernando

    ROMANCE: When I See Your Face – Devika Fernando

    When I See Your Face by Devika Fernando is a relatively short, but very enjoyable romance, with an interesting twist that lifts it above your average romance stories. It is sweet and well-written – certainly a pleasant enough read. Our hero Cathy escapes an abusive marriage to a very successful real estate broker and runs […]

  • From My Bookshelf: Linwood Barclay

    From My Bookshelf: Linwood Barclay

    By Lynn Willoughby [break] Never Look Away ~ Linwood Barclay [break] Every once in awhile, especially in summer or when one is not feeling great, an easy read is just what I need. This is one of those novels. [break] David Harwood, his wife Jan and four year old son Ethan are at an amusement […]

  • EROTIC ROMANCE: Ties That Bind by Elaine Chissick

    EROTIC ROMANCE: Ties That Bind by Elaine Chissick

    Ties That Bind is erotica. No, that’s not right. It’s a love story. No, that’s not quite right either. It’s an exciting drama complete with family feuds and a ‘will they-won’t they’ romance. Nope, not that either. Actually, it is that – it’s all of that, rolled up into a tightly wound and seamless ball […]

  • From My Bookshelf: Fiona Barton

    From My Bookshelf: Fiona Barton

    By Lynn Willoughby [break] The Widow ~ Fiona Barton [break] This debut novel has been called “a delightfully trashy thriller.”  I totally agree. [break] There are several stories going on here – Jean, a quiet hairdresser who is wooed by Glen Taylor.  Glen orders Jean’s food, is always critical of her choices, changes careers frequently, doesn’t […]

  • DRAMA: There Was No Body – Colin Griffiths

    DRAMA: There Was No Body – Colin Griffiths

    The is the third Griffith’s book that I’ve read and the second in the Fenton Sagas. Frankly, they just get better and better, the more I read. I think I’ve commented before that Griffiths is a consummate story-teller and that he is. The quality and readability of his books improves with every one. There is […]

  • From My Bookshelf: Richard B. Wright

    From My Bookshelf: Richard B. Wright

    By Lynn Willoughby [break] A Life With Words ~ Richard B. Wright [break] I have enjoyed every novel I have read by this author so was looking forward to his memoir.  He didn’t disappoint. With his usual self-deprecating  humour I was often laughing to myself, and like everyone’s life journey, there are many bumps in […]

  • SCI-FI: Soul Saver – AM Maracle

    SCI-FI: Soul Saver – AM Maracle

    Soul Saver by AM Maracle is difficult to sum up in a few lines.  There is so much story in this story, but at an extremely basic level, it’s about a technology in the future that is supposed to bring the dead back to life (albeit in hologram form) but ends up doing quite the […]

  • Review of: Bermuda Phoenix by Jo Roderick

    Review of: Bermuda Phoenix by Jo Roderick

    Reviewed by Riley J. Froud Meet Andy. Andy’s moved to Bermuda after some troubles in New York, and he settles into an idyllic island life with sunshine and cocktails. How could it get any better? Enter Emily… Bermuda Phoenix, at its heart, is a romantic comedy. Yeah, yeah, I know – I hate romance. How […]

  • From My Bookshelf: Linda McQuaig

    From My Bookshelf: Linda McQuaig

    By Lynn Willoughby [break] All You Can Eat ~ Linda McQuaig [break] This book of non-fiction was recommended by a friend.  After reading it and learning more about “the new economy” and how globalization and corporate rights are inevitable I feel like pulling the covers over my head!! [break] Throughout human history man has lusted […]

  • FICTION: Four To Dawn – May J Panayi

    FICTION: Four To Dawn – May J Panayi

    Four to Dawn – seemed like it would be a fairly straightforward story of four women, who over the course of a Bank Holiday weekend, open up their lives to each other, whilst secretly having hidden away on the top floor of an empty office building. These four women, all very different in their life […]