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  • From My Bookshelf: Linwood Barclay

    From My Bookshelf: Linwood Barclay

    By Lynn Willoughby [break] Never Look Away ~ Linwood Barclay [break] Every once in awhile, especially in summer or when one is not feeling great, an easy read is just what I need. This is one of those novels. [break] David Harwood, his wife Jan and four year old son Ethan are at an amusement…

  • From My Bookshelf: Fiona Barton

    From My Bookshelf: Fiona Barton

    By Lynn Willoughby [break] The Widow ~ Fiona Barton [break] This debut novel has been called “a delightfully trashy thriller.”  I totally agree. [break] There are several stories going on here – Jean, a quiet hairdresser who is wooed by Glen Taylor.  Glen orders Jean’s food, is always critical of her choices, changes careers frequently, doesn’t…