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  • From My Bookshelf: Stephan P. Kiernan

    From My Bookshelf: Stephan P. Kiernan

    By Lynn Willoughby The Curiosity ~ Stephan P. Kiernan This is a debut novel and it is powerful, and takes on a lot of big questions.  “What is the true measure of a human life?  Where does the line fall between legitimate science and playing God?  If death could be undone, what would it mean […]

  • Insight from Jane Davis on her latest release

    Insight from Jane Davis on her latest release

    Jane Davis is the author of six novels. Her debut, Half-truths and White Lies, won the Daily Mail First Novel Award and was described by Joanne Harris as ‘A story of secrets, lies, grief and, ultimately, redemption, charmingly handled by this very promising new writer.’ The Bookseller featured her in their ‘One to Watch’ section. […]

  • Interview: Kira Morgana

    Interview: Kira Morgana

    Name Mandy Ward aka Kira Morgana, A.E. Churchyard… Age Old enough to know better, young enough to enjoy it! Where are you from I’m British. I originally came from Suffolk, but due to various things happening to me, I’ve ended up in South Wales A little about your self i.e. your education Family life etc. […]

  • Smashing your hand repeatedly into the side of a cast-iron stove

    Smashing your hand repeatedly into the side of a cast-iron stove

    You’ll no doubt be aware of the famous experiments conducted by Professor Pavlov on some dogs. Professor Pavlov managed to prove that dogs were capable of learning, that the same stimulus time after time could lead to a conditioned response. Clever things, dogs. Cleverer than me, at least. We have a stove at home, and […]

  • Interview: Sheyna Galyan

    Interview: Sheyna Galyan

    Sheyna Galyan is featured in the short story collection, Festival of Crime, and is the author of The Rabbi David Cohen suspense series, including: Destined to Choose and Strength to Stand,  Why did you choose to write about rabbis? Wouldn’t it make more sense to write about cops? Everyone writes about the cops. True, there aren’t that many books featuring […]

  • The Music of Writing

    The Music of Writing

    I’ve often pondered why writers write.  The question is a bit metaphysical and I think that the answer would often be ‘because I do,’ followed by a quizzical expression.  That in itself says it all.  ‘I write because I do’ is essentially saying ‘I write because it’s natural, in the same why as I breathe […]

  • Alfred The Great on Facebook

    Alfred The Great on Facebook

    There’s nothing like a good book, sentiments shared by Alfred The Great. Shortly after we had visited Winchester and photographed his statue, BBC television screened programmes about him on consecutive nights. The second of these involved the puzzle of the whereabouts of his much moved bones; by the end, all they had come up with […]

  • Into Infinity

    Into Infinity

    Into Infinity Have you held to your New Year resolution to keep a diary? Many years ago I was given a five year diary which lasted at least a decade of good intentions and still has many blank pages, but it does record some major life events; if anyone can ever decipher the tiny writing […]

  • Interview: Angie Smith

    Interview: Angie Smith

    Interview with Angie Smith by: Peter Best One good thing about being an author is that a great deal of people take an interest in your work. Normally it’s just a chat in a bar or talking to friends. However, every now and again some authors get the chance to be interviewed. Sometimes by a […]

  • Interview: Johanna Craven

    Interview: Johanna Craven

    Interview with Johanna Craven by: Peter Best.   Here’s a bit of information for you riders out there! There’s a very good book out at the moment from an Australian Author named Johanna Craven. The book is called, called Music From Standing Waves and it is without a doubt a five star read. I first came across this book when it […]

  • How many mistakes a minute can you type?

    How many mistakes a minute can you type?

    If you go to see your doctor and need a prescription, you will see his or her fingers flying over the keyboard and in seconds a prescription form will slip out of the printer. Very different from the old days when your GP scribbled something illegible on a pad of prescription forms. But it occurred to me that […]

  • National Park Fiction Series By George Mercer

    National Park Fiction Series By George Mercer

    George Mercer, a former Jasper National Park Warden has just released Wood Buffalo, his second novel in the Dyed In The Green series, the first fiction series about Canada’s national park wardens and their battles to protect our country’s special places. Mercer, who was born and raised in Newfoundland, worked in six national parks across […]