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  • A Deluge of Comfort

    A Deluge of Comfort

    By Syl Sabastian “Drought always ends in rain.” Sometimes, the profoundly obvious, is also profoundly impactful. We received rain last night, after half a year of no-rain. I love the rain. Rain brings me joy, comfort, peace and a profound happiness. It’s as if I am feeling the earth receiving this profound bounty. As I was imbibing […]

  • Authors Musings ~ Terminology, and Good for whom?

    Authors Musings ~ Terminology, and Good for whom?

    By Syl Dinada Positive-negative, even good-bad. It’s just terminology really. Those in-between spaces like when painting, aren’t really negative spaces are they? They’re just different spaces. Like silence is essential to music. But silence is not negative. In both cases they are extremely positive and necessary. They are just different is all. And both good, yes? I mean if […]

  • Seeding The Dream – Syldinada

    Seeding The Dream – Syldinada

    “Thing is, with our dreams, our goals, our aspirations, they are such a big deal to us, that we tend to assume it is a big deal to attain them. When really, it isn’t.” – The Young Man The chaos began, slowly at first, as the great Gravity Engines de-powered. Arriving successfully in the new […]

  • Should Authors Praise Their Own Work?

    Should Authors Praise Their Own Work?

    By Riley J. Froud. So I was happily browsing the internet this morning when I came across an article on the Independent website, all about Stephen Kingmocking James Patterson for praising his own work. It’s old news, I know, but when I read the headline, I was expecting it to be about a gushing James Patterson going around telling […]

  • The Great Debate: eBooks Vs. Paperbacks

    The Great Debate: eBooks Vs. Paperbacks

    A debate between Riley and Omar Al-Masry. Omar opens this debate with the declaration that he would choose eBooks….but for good reasons. Omar: As digital technology became more prominent and accessible, the way we consume media and obtain information has significantly changed. Despite being relatively old compared to other contemporary means of obtaining information, books have also […]

  • Chissick Chat #3 ~ Read the interview with J. D. Cunegan

    Chissick Chat #3 ~ Read the interview with J. D. Cunegan

    Chissick Chat with Elaine R. Chissick and J D Cunegan Hello, Jeff Cunningham, American author writing as J. D. Cunegan, a series of murder mysteries featuring the character, Jill Andersen. Welcome to my blog. Please, can you introduce yourself and tell us a little about yourself and your books? Thanks for having me! I write […]

  • Words for Every Book-Lover’s Vocabulary

    Words for Every Book-Lover’s Vocabulary

    By Riley J. Froud. How’s your vocabulary? I don’t know whether it’s because I’m a bibliophagist or whether it’s because I’m scripturient, but I must admit that I often partake in a little epeolatry. Errr…what? Well, if you watched my video on Bookshop Bistro a few weeks ago, you’d know what I was talking about but just […]

  • The Great Debate ~ Books vs Movies

    The Great Debate ~ Books vs Movies

    A debate between Riley and Omar Al-Masry on books and movies. The debate over which are better movies or books has been going on for years. Here’s some more interesting points. Omar: Books are better than movies. A false statement used to conclude a meaningless debate. Have you ever felt that a movie was better than the book […]

  • Smashing your hand repeatedly into the side of a cast-iron stove

    Smashing your hand repeatedly into the side of a cast-iron stove

    You’ll no doubt be aware of the famous experiments conducted by Professor Pavlov on some dogs. Professor Pavlov managed to prove that dogs were capable of learning, that the same stimulus time after time could lead to a conditioned response. Clever things, dogs. Cleverer than me, at least. We have a stove at home, and […]

  • The Music of Writing

    The Music of Writing

    I’ve often pondered why writers write.  The question is a bit metaphysical and I think that the answer would often be ‘because I do,’ followed by a quizzical expression.  That in itself says it all.  ‘I write because I do’ is essentially saying ‘I write because it’s natural, in the same why as I breathe […]

  • Alfred The Great on Facebook

    Alfred The Great on Facebook

    There’s nothing like a good book, sentiments shared by Alfred The Great. Shortly after we had visited Winchester and photographed his statue, BBC television screened programmes about him on consecutive nights. The second of these involved the puzzle of the whereabouts of his much moved bones; by the end, all they had come up with […]

  • Into Infinity

    Into Infinity

    Into Infinity Have you held to your New Year resolution to keep a diary? Many years ago I was given a five year diary which lasted at least a decade of good intentions and still has many blank pages, but it does record some major life events; if anyone can ever decipher the tiny writing […]