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  • What’s in a Name?

    What’s in a Name?

    What’s in a name? Unless an author writes science fiction set on another planet, or fantasy in a fantasy world, he has to set his story in places and countries on earth. I once read a novel by a well known writer; unlike his other books set firmly in cities we knew, it was a […]

  • Sandscript in Manuscript

    Sandscript in Manuscript

    When we stayed for a week in a cottage in a secluded cove last year, I was glad to discover there was no reception for mobile phones, nor was there a landline in the cottage. At the very top of the cliff, if you held your phone high in the air, you could be lucky […]

  • Choosing Baby’s Name

    Choosing Baby’s Name

    A baby has been born and the parents cannot decide upon a name. Neither can the author. Choosing a name for a new baby is often difficult and the considerations to be taken into account are often as unique as the tiny new person. Family tradition or outrageously original, which names will go with the […]

  • E=MC…. what???

    E=MC…. what???

    Ever read a book that just made you stop and re-read a section a few times trying to figure out what on earth they meant? Or one that had such complex matter involved that you either just skipped over part of it or got frustrated because it really wasn’t making sense? It happens. And the […]

  • To ‘U’ or Not To ‘U’…..

    To ‘U’ or Not To ‘U’…..

    Four Tips from an Editor There are several things you can do before you submit your manuscript to your chosen editor that will make life a whole lot easier for everyone. Obviously, you have looked through your manuscript for those red underlined words and corrected the spelling accordingly but have you been consistent? Be CONSISTENT […]

  • Editing is absolutely critical!

    Editing is absolutely critical!

    There are a few components that go into making a good book. First is making sure you’ve got a great, well established story that you LOVE. Second is a professional book cover. The saying of “never judge a book by its cover” is a noble thought but unrealistic – especially in the digital world. Your […]

  • Writer’s Blockage: A Guide To Writing

    Writer’s Blockage: A Guide To Writing

    Writer’s Blockage A Guide To Writing The World Wide Web is filled with advice on how to beat writer’s block. You could beat it with a large stick, for example. Go on, give it a good old thump! At least you will feel better and allow yourself to partake in a little physical exertion. Get […]

  • Did I switch the laundry?

    Did I switch the laundry?

    Part of the polishing process of your book requires you to read and re-read your book. It’s a good idea to spread this out and leave some time between the reads and even to read other materials at this point to lessen the amount that your own book is front of mind. While you’re reading […]