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  • Writer’s Blockage: A Guide To Writing

    Writer’s Blockage: A Guide To Writing

    Writer’s Blockage A Guide To Writing The World Wide Web is filled with advice on how to beat writer’s block. You could beat it with a large stick, for example. Go on, give it a good old thump! At least you will feel better and allow yourself to partake in a little physical exertion. Get […]

  • A Publishing Revolution?

    A Publishing Revolution?

    I thought today I would spend just a little bit of time to tell you about something special that’s happening in publishing. In fact, I want to introduce you to MY publisher – Pentian Publishing! Pentian, you say. “I’ve never heard of them!” Well, until about a year ago, neither had I. When I initially […]

  • Did I switch the laundry?

    Did I switch the laundry?

    Part of the polishing process of your book requires you to read and re-read your book. It’s a good idea to spread this out and leave some time between the reads and even to read other materials at this point to lessen the amount that your own book is front of mind. While you’re reading […]