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  • An Author’s Guide to playing God and Influencing People

    An Author’s Guide to playing God and Influencing People

    Hello. My Name is Kira Morgana and I’m a Writing Fanatic. I’ve been writing things down for sixteen years now and there doesn’t seem to be any kind of cure or medication that can help me. So I’ve decided to talk about writing in an effort to calm down my muse (he’s a dragon) and […]

  • 5 Mistakes Authors Make When Submitting to Publishers

    5 Mistakes Authors Make When Submitting to Publishers

    If you’re looking to submit to a publisher, you’ll want to know the five most common mistakes authors make when submitting and our tips on how to avoid them. We’ve got a special episode of Mirror World News on this very topic so I’ll just leave that at the bottom of this blog post for you! […]

  • What’s in a Name?

    What’s in a Name?

    What’s in a name? Unless an author writes science fiction set on another planet, or fantasy in a fantasy world, he has to set his story in places and countries on earth. I once read a novel by a well known writer; unlike his other books set firmly in cities we knew, it was a […]

  • How to create effective marketing materials

    How to create effective marketing materials

    It makes no difference what the style of marketing is or what the vehicle is. Effective marketing must include some key ingredients or it’s a waste of time and money. First, what is marketing? In laymans language: it’s any message of any kind that you’re hoping to get a result out of. It doesn’t matter if it’s […]

  • Sandscript in Manuscript

    Sandscript in Manuscript

    When we stayed for a week in a cottage in a secluded cove last year, I was glad to discover there was no reception for mobile phones, nor was there a landline in the cottage. At the very top of the cliff, if you held your phone high in the air, you could be lucky […]

  • An Attack of the Freebie-Jeebies

    An Attack of the Freebie-Jeebies

    As some of you know, I have views on the ”Free / 99p book and Ebook!” promotion thing. My views are that it creates the expectation in readers that something you sweated blood over for years is worth less than a small cappuccino. Happy to retweet your promo if you insist on doing it because […]

  • Choosing Baby’s Name

    Choosing Baby’s Name

    A baby has been born and the parents cannot decide upon a name. Neither can the author. Choosing a name for a new baby is often difficult and the considerations to be taken into account are often as unique as the tiny new person. Family tradition or outrageously original, which names will go with the […]

  • E=MC…. what???

    E=MC…. what???

    Ever read a book that just made you stop and re-read a section a few times trying to figure out what on earth they meant? Or one that had such complex matter involved that you either just skipped over part of it or got frustrated because it really wasn’t making sense? It happens. And the […]

  • To ‘U’ or Not To ‘U’…..

    To ‘U’ or Not To ‘U’…..

    Four Tips from an Editor There are several things you can do before you submit your manuscript to your chosen editor that will make life a whole lot easier for everyone. Obviously, you have looked through your manuscript for those red underlined words and corrected the spelling accordingly but have you been consistent? Be CONSISTENT […]

  • Diary of a Kindle Self Publisher

    Diary of a Kindle Self Publisher

    Diary of a Kindle Self Publisher When I received a Kindle for my birthday I vowed not to download hundreds of free books by dead authors; we have a house full of those already. Instead I enjoy reading about living writers on the internet; buying books I wouldn’t have thought of trying. How addictive it […]

  • Editing is absolutely critical!

    Editing is absolutely critical!

    There are a few components that go into making a good book. First is making sure you’ve got a great, well established story that you LOVE. Second is a professional book cover. The saying of “never judge a book by its cover” is a noble thought but unrealistic – especially in the digital world. Your […]

  • Utilizing Social Media to Gain New Readers

    Utilizing Social Media to Gain New Readers

    Contributed by David Dunham This is the first blog post from BookGrabbr. I am one of the founders and CEO, and have worked over 40 years in book publishing. This first one is an introduction to BookGrabbr and intended for authors and publishers who are looking for more efficient and effective ways to market and […]