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  • 10 Essential Skills for Every Writer [INFOGRAPHIC]

    10 Essential Skills for Every Writer [INFOGRAPHIC]

    So, you think you just wrote an excellent book. You used a proper structure, selected the right words, and made a really great happy end. You think you chose a suitable writing style that invites to keep reading right from the first chapter. You nailed the first draft that does not require a lot of…

  • Writing Tips: Experiments In Story

    Writing Tips: Experiments In Story

    By Jeff Martin. Life is a series of defining moments, with a lot of other boring stuff in between, mixed up in an order that doesn’t seem to make much sense. A story is just the series of defining moments. It took me a series of unusual events combined with chronic illness over a period…

  • Are you a writer screaming to get paid? How’s that working for you?

    Are you a writer screaming to get paid? How’s that working for you?

    By Tanya Jones (original post) In the last couple of days there’s been an awful lot of noise on social media about people who create things getting paid for those things that they create. The position that these articles are taking actually cause me, as both a writer and a publisher, a bit of concern…

  • Ten Common Writing Mistakes

    Ten Common Writing Mistakes

    This handy chart was provided by one of our authors and originally came from: If you have any troubles viewing and reading the image, try this link:

  • In Defence of the Oxford Comma

    In Defence of the Oxford Comma

    I’m definitely nerdy, there are no two ways about it. I’ve always suspected I’m a bit of a geek too, but it was when I discovered I have an opinion (and a strong one too) on the Oxford comma that I realised it’s true. I’m a full blown grammar geek – and I’m not ashamed…

  • What if you have no clue what to write?

    What if you have no clue what to write?

    I was chatting with an associate today who mentioned that she’s often thought that she’d like to write a book, but she has no clue what to write about and feels that anything she might have to say would bore people to tears. She then asked me if I had any advice. Only having about…

  • The 69 Rules of Punctuation

    The 69 Rules of Punctuation

      Thank you to Elaine Chissick for sharing this great chart with us. It’s very detailed, so your best option is likely going to be to save a copy of the image on your computer so that you can print it or zoom in to different parts of it. It’s not playing nicely on mobile…

  • Top 10 things to avoid when naming characters

    Top 10 things to avoid when naming characters

    When choosing a name for your characters spend a few minutes considering the following points to avoid 1. Don’t use a name that ends in the letter ‘s’ This is a simple punctuation nightmare 2. Don’t make it too weird It will almost definitely pull your reader out of the story 3. Don’t make it…

  • Should You ‘Write What You Know’?

    Should You ‘Write What You Know’?

    Write what you know…write what you know. What would I write if I only wrote what I knew? I know how to burn toast (it’s how not to burn toast that I struggle with). I know how to trip up the stairs. I know how to stay up way past my bedtime reading (or writing)…

  • How important is it for the ending of a novel to satisfy?

    How important is it for the ending of a novel to satisfy?

    Contributed by: S. C. Skillman To what extent can an author be held responsible for this, or is it down to the heart and mind of the reader? In 2012 I published an online article about novel endings in which I quoted Robert McKee in his excellent book “Story”.  He describes many different types of…

  • The Unread Writers

    The Unread Writers

    If you’re a writer, why bother to read? Right? I know, it sounds ridiculous, and yet more and more authors don’t read. They don’t read or buy books, and yet they expect others to buy theirs. If they don’t take the time to read, how could they be disappointed when their own books don’t sell?…

  • The success process and formula

    The success process and formula

    I recently read the following article: The Martian: How did a self-published novel become a top-grossing movie? I read it mainly because I have had several conversations with Andy Weir and I was curious what spin this article put on things. It’s a decent article, but I was a little bit disappointed in how it is…