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If you believe in author collaboration, you’re in the right place.

Every author gets it drilled into them that they need an online presence and they need to build their audience/platform.

This is absolutely true.

However, the part that often gets glazed over, is how the heck do you get people to find your content, and your website, and your books – in order to build that audience/platform

While there are a few methods, few of us can afford the expenses that go along side most of them.

But there is one, free, and effective, means of growing an audience. It’s called collaboration.

If you’re the type of author that is so greedy for their audience that you can’t imagine sharing that audience with anyone else and you’re under the misguided belief that your readers will only ever your books – you can stop reading, this site isn’t for you.

For the rest of you, it’s important to understand the power of numbers. If a site has 5 contributing authors, and those 5 authors send 5 readers to the site, that site has now had 25 readers. Your article has just increased it’s exposure 5 times.

And if your article is good, and includes the right links, and the instructions of how readers can follow you specifically… well, then you’ve just taken a jump in growing your followers.

Add a zero, or two, or three to those numbers and do you see how the power of collaboration can create free, exponential growth?

This site is here to help authors grow. We get nothing from it. There is no monetary gain. There’s nothing for sale. There’s no secret membership.

It’s a simple concept.

  1. Request to become a contributor on the site
  2. Submit your own content, when you want and publish it or schedule it for when you want

The catch? You’ll need to know how to work with WordPress at least on a basic level. Only to create and publish your own posts. The rest of the site maintenance is taken care of. But the idea is for this site content to be managed by many. There’s no company or staff and thus there is no one to create your posts for you. Please don’t email asking for someone to do it for you, the answer is no.

But that’s it. Truly.

Those of us supporting this site strongly believe in author collaboration and it’s actually a bit frustrating how many authors don’t “get” the value of it.

But for those who do “get” it – fill out the form below and let’s get you on board.

The second catch. We are going to keep an eye on the content being published. But we are NOT going to pre-moderate content for approval.

This isn’t a job or a business for anyone. The founder of the site is a techie-author that’s able to build and maintain a website with little effort. That’s it and that’s all. Treat it with the respect you treat your own website, and we shouldn’t have any problems.

All submissions MUST be of high quality, high value, original content. Original meaning your own. It CAN be posted on your own website and we highly recommend cross-linking between the two sites.

Infomercial style posts or posts just trying to push something for sale will be deleted.

We reserve the right to delete any submissions without notification.

If you have any questions you can send an email to

Fill out the form below to request to be added as a contributor. You must have a account with the email address you provide below to become a contributor. You can create a new account here if you don’t have one:

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