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Welcome to the Authors’ Corner section of our site! Thank you for choosing to be a part of the Bookshop Bistro to help us provide all sorts of awesome stuff for our readers! If you have any ideas or suggestions for this site we’d love to hear from you! So please consider contacting us.  Also, for the purpose of this site… even if you’re “thinking” about writing stuff, that makes this section relevant to you – you don’t have to have published anything or even written anything yet!

So what can you expect to find here? Keep reading to find out!


Our Blog is where authors can share all sorts of things as Guest Bloggers to help give them added exposure. Whenever you provide an article (for any of the categories listed below) be sure to include a bio for yourself and a link to where you would like readers to go to learn more about you and your book(s). The menu items for the full blog is under “Readers’ Corner”. Currently, the categories we have available on the site are:


  • Monday Interviews (this can be an interview OF you or one that you’ve conducted on another author)
  • Tuesday Writing Tips (this is where all authors can provide thoughts, tips, advice and information on the writing process – as an author, this is a section you’ll want to be checking out too!)
  • Wednesday Publishing Tips (like the writing tips, this is more authors-helping-authors information, all authors are welcome to submit and encouraged to read)
  • Thursday Reviews (to find new books that sound interesting)
  • Friday Short Stories (for a quick light read, these vary throughout several genres)
  • Saturday Author Musings (these are fun pieces where authors share some insights and random things)

[break]ARCs or Review copies

Next, we have a section where readers can sign up to receive ARCs or Review copies of books for free, in exchange for their feedback/review. So if you have a book either published or coming up that you’d like to get reader feedback/reviews on, please submit your book in this section.

Reader Information:

Author Information:

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[break][break]Probably the most active section of site at the moment is our Aiding Indie Authors program.

All authors are welcome to submit their book(s) as a Spotlight, please review the information in the following links to learn more:

Reader Information:

Author Information:

You can browse through past Spotlights too![/one_half_last]

[break]Featured Titles

Our Featured Titles section is about showcasing books to readers. Ideally, we plan to send out emails about books to hopefully grab the attention of some new readers. These featured books can be brand new releases or older books looking for some new life. For more details please review these links:

Reader Information:

Author Information:

[break]Subscription Options

Each section described above does have a subscription form within the section… however, to make things even easier for you, we do have a dedicated Subscription Page where you can sign up for all of them in one shot. We like to try to make things as easy as possible! As an author, we ask that you use this particular signup form as it will also add you to a special list that flags you as being an author. As we grow this will allow us to have a better understand of the demographics of our subscribers.

[break]Help Spread The Word!

Spread the Word
The Help Spread The Word section is a fun area where anyone can jump right in and get involved in a real quick and easy way.  This page is setup with a variety of posts from Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest that can be easily shared with a simple click. Authors are invited to submit share pieces using the form below.

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[break]Aspiring Authors Course

Last but not least, we’re excited to share with you a new, upcoming course designed specifically for aspiring authors. Check out the details here!

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