A Deluge of Comfort

By Syl Sabastian

“Drought always ends in rain.”

Sometimes, the profoundly obvious, is also profoundly impactful. We received rain last night, after half a year of no-rain. I love the rain. Rain brings me joy, comfort, peace and a profound happiness. It’s as if I am feeling the earth receiving this profound bounty. As I was imbibing the Gift-of-Rain it struck me:

“Drought always ends in rain.”

This simple obvious truism permeates me deeply. Metaphorically, psychologically, spiritually. The impact of this profound but simple observation resonates right down to my core. I love the profound, especially the simply profound. This simple profound observation brings me a deep deep comfort. And Joy. This Understanding makes a very very real difference to me, to my life. If we but take those few extra seconds to Attune to the world around us, there is much treasure in the seemingly mundane, indeed, the sublime is right here, all around us.

“Drought always ends in rain.”



Syl Sabastian

A Philosopher-Writer focusing on the Application of a comprehensive Practical-Personal-Philosophy. Creator of: The Philosophy of Appropriateness and: An A+ Philosophy.

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