CANADIAN HISTORICAL FICTION: Kinmel Revisted by Robert James Bridge

91Q7NWcUw5LThis is an interesting little book based on the infamous Kinmel Riot, at the end of the First World War, in a repatriation camp for Canadian Soldiers in Wales.

It is called Canadian Historical Fiction, which I guess I have to take at face value, although it read more like an actual report based on a journal the author supposedly found. Regardless, it is an interesting slice of life in 1919. Here we have around 15,000 Canadians who have fought bravely for King and Country, who want nothing more than to head home and pick up the threads of their lives. Unfortunately, there are too few troop ships available and many of these war heroes spend interminable months interred at Kinmel Camp in Wales.

Inevitably frustrations set in and there is trouble in the local towns, trouble in the camp and ultimately a riot that led to the deaths of five young men. The story is told through the eyes of Captain Sawley, a British Officer who is sent to command the internment camp.

He, who was also injured in the ensuing riot, frets greatly over the death of one of the young soldiers, in particular and the subsequent court cases against the accused in the riot.

I found this a well written and enjoyable little read. It gave some great insight into what these brave, young soldiers endured, after an horrific war, just in order to get back home.

A good four-star story and one I’d highly recommend people to read.

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