From My Bookshelf: Featuring Stephen King

By Lynn Willoughby

The Bazaar of Bad Dreams by Stephen King
Bazaar-of-Bad-DreamsThis is a book of short stories by one of my favourite authors.  What is especially interesting is the preface of each novella, of very personal glimpses of King, and how and why he came to write each story.  Also at the conclusion of each is a dedication, again some personal touch of King.
There is a connection between stories – themes of morality, guilt, or what we would do differently.  Many of the stories depict characters at the end of life…”when death tips us into the realm of the paranormal, the mood is closer to philosophy than horror”…
King’s skill is such that even folksy, easy tales about the all American sport of baseball can be given a twist of viciousness and paranoia in “Blockade Billy.”
Like all of King’s writing these stories are “Magnificent, eerie, utterly compelling, these stories confirm one of King’s finest gifts to his constant reader.”
If you are a fan, read this book!  “Quality control has never been one of King’s strong suits – for every book that grips you until dawn, another will be chucked half finished under the bed.”  Be prepared to be up until dawn!
– Dolores Claiborne
– Misery
and so many more
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