From My Bookshelf: Noah Hawley

By Lynn Willoughby
Before the Fall ~ Noah Hawley
before-the-fall-hawleyThis novel had so much potential. It is well written, full of well rounded characters with interesting lives, including flaws.
It begins with a family of four leaving Martha’s Vineyard on their private jet. They invite another couple to return to New York with them, and at the very last minute Maggie meets a casual acquaintance at the Farmer’s Market and she invites him to join them as well. Sixteen minutes after takeoff the plane crashes.The last minute guest, Scott, survives, as does the four year old boy JJ. All others, including the crew and bodyguard are killed.
As noted, the beginning is great, the storyline is fine – although there did seem to be some errors in editing and some inconsistencies. Why are you shopping at the Farmer’s Market when you are heading back to New York?
Once news of the crash is out, the media gets involved. These are very high profile and extremely wealthy people who have died. Was it terrorism? Was it human error?  Yes, it is a news story but the TV stations’ questions are based on a false conclusion. And do we really need to rehash it 24/7 and call it entertainment?  The FBI turn on Scott, and as they say, the plot thickens. If the last days of YOUR life were put under a microscope are there things you don’t want on national TV?
“Everyone is from someplace. We all have our stories, our lives unfolding along crooked lines, colliding in unexpected ways.”
I liked the book for the way it makes us cope with the disasters of life – large or small. What I didn’t like was the ending – but others do so that’s like debating whether or not you liked the ending of “Thelma and Louise”!
  • The Good Father
  • The Punch
………..and several others
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