HOLIDAYS: Sun, Sea and Secrets: A novel set in Greece by May J Panayi

Sun Sea and Secrets 7523708.jpgI could best describe Sun, Sea and Secrets with one word – sumptuous. In this novel, Panayi has adopted a writing style that draws the reader in and caresses them with the warm breezes of the Greek Islands.

This is not the first book of Panayi’s that I have read and what amazes me about her writing style is her ability to contour her works to suit the genre or subject she is writing about. I have read a non-fiction book by this author as well as a paranormal story and each was as totally different in their phrasing and style as they could be, yet they were all wonderfully written stories. I have called Panayi, in the past, the Eclectic Indie Author for a reason. She is one of those rare authors who it appears can write about any topic and tailor it perfectly to their audience.

Sun, Sea, and Secrets is a perfect example of this rare talent. The story is as simple as they come. We follow Ella, a British woman seeking her roots and her possible father amongst the Greek Islands. He mother, who died when Ella was just five, had a brief stay on one island back in the early 1960’s, with Ella being the result of her summer vacation. Ella, now an attractive, young, woman, returns to the island to try to discover more about her mother’s stay there and possibly to find her father.

This is a simple, uncomplicated tale, with minimal drama, no conflict and also virtually no romance and yet in Panayi’s skillful hands it became a compelling story that I couldn’t wait to get to the end of. Her rich, descriptive language had me yearning to visit the Greek Islands. I could smell the trees and the honeysuckle, I could taste  and smell the wonderful Greek food that she so beautifully described, in such detail.

This book truly ranks as one of my favorite reads of all time. For such a simple tale it managed to grab and excite me totally through the written words of Panayi. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys rich, fulsome, descriptive language. It was a joy to read and I am hanging out for the sequel to see where Ella’s adventures lead next.

I hesitate to say anything negative about this book because I loved it so much, but if I could give one piece of advice to Panayi, it would be this. A book this good deserves a cover with the name of the book and the author’s name. The cover photograph is beautiful, but it’s not a book cover. I would suggest she remedy this, but that is a VERY minor note.

This is a five star plus read. It is simply exquisite.

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