YA SCI-FI: True Calling – Siobhan Davis

KindleTrue Calling by Siobhan Davis is a young adult, science fiction novel; the first in a trilogy.

As a story, although it is relatively predictable in places, it is extremely well written and in my opinion captures the feelings, actions and perspectives of the teenage characters very well. Yes, the story has probably been told in a million different ways before, but Davis’ treatment of it is as good as anyone else’s that I’ve read.

The book focuses on two main characters; Ariana (Ari) and Zane, who were girlfriend and boyfriend prior to the devastation that occurred on Earth. Ariana’s family were chosen to be part of a new society formed on the planet Novo, but Zane’s heart condition rules him out of being considered for relocation.

Although Ariana and the rest of their fellow colonists have had their memories wiped of their time on earth, Zane manages to maintain a mental telepathic link with Ariana and warn her of the potential dangers she is facing on Novo.

The book moves at a brisk pace told in part from Ariana’s perspective and then from Zane’s perspective. The burgeoning relationship between Ariana and Cal on Novo is the love interest that will keep readers interested and excited.

This is an excellent read and one I thoroughly enjoyed. The book finished at the perfect point for the sequel to take up and the writer has teased us with Chapter 1 of the sequel, titled Beyond Reach.

I would recommend this read for any young/adult readers who enjoy science fiction and more importantly teen romance and angst. A very pleasant read and worth of the four stars I give it.


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