Words for Every Book-Lover’s Vocabulary

Riley J. Froud

By Riley J. Froud.

How’s your vocabulary?

I don’t know whether it’s because I’m a bibliophagist or whether it’s because I’m scripturient, but I must admit that I often partake in a little epeolatry.

Errr…what? Well, if you watched my video on Bookshop Bistro a few weeks ago, you’d know what I was talking about but just in case you didn’t, I’ll write that again in plain English.

I don’t know whether it’s because I’m a book lover or whether it’s because I have a passion for writing, but I must admit that I often partake in a little word-worship.

Little confession here…I didn’t know those words even existed until a few weeks ago (although I wish I did, I do love a good, obscure word). That is, I didn’t know them until I stumbled rather fortunately upon a blog post on the Oxford English Dictionary website, listing ten words for book lovers. I was smitten, and from there, dove head-first into a sea of delightfully obscure and wonderful book-related words. Here are some of my favourites:


A Japanese word meaning the act of leaving a book unread after buying it – and more specifically, when you add it to a pile of other such books! (Oops…I do that a little too often).


The act of (brace yourselves) killing a book!


Someone who keeps their books under lock and key, presumably to keep them away from a…


Someone who steals books. (I wonder if The Book Thief would have been quite so successful if it had been called The Biblioklept?)


Someone who is extremely knowledgeable about books (Oh, how I wish this was me!)


Someone who reads in bed. (That’s me, that is. I’m a librocubicultarist.) This may lead to a book becoming a…


A book that has been half-read and discarded, along with a whole bunch of other similar books, next to your bed. (That’s me, too. I have a growing number of ballycumbers next to my bed).


The desperate feeling to get on with the next book in the series (especially strong when that book hasn’t even been released yet!)


People who read too much. (As if there’s such a thing!)


Someone who takes photographs of their books (our own guest blogger Dijana is part of the Bookarazzi, I believe!)


The description of someone who carries a book with them at all times.


A fancy word for book hang-over.


That transition from hating e-readers to loving them (I’ve been nooked).


Having read everything, ever. (Imagine how bored you’d be if there was nothing left to read!)


That feeling that you’ve read this book before, even though you haven’t (Or…maybe you have. It is awfully familiar).


An author with whom you feel a deep connection.


That feeling of superiority you get when you know your bookshelves are better than others (they’re not called DVD shelves, after all!)


Being captivated by that amazing book smell.


Being unfaithful to one book by reading another at the same time. (I never commit readultery. More because I don’t have the attention span that anything else).


A read who expects fiction to be perfect.

Which one is your favourite?


Thanks to OEDBustle, and Storypick who helped me discover these magnificent words!


Riley J. FroudRiley J. Froud is truly a wonder to behold. No, honestly, she really is. Originally from the Welsh seaside, she now lives in the French countryside, where she runs a small village bar with her husband Roy and their dog, George.

When not working, she spends her time writing and wondering. Mostly wondering, actually. The writing tries to muscle in whilst the mind wanders. She started out writing serious stories until she realized that she just can’t keep a straight face and hence, a whole bunch of Underlings were born.

Visit Riley J’s facebook page to see all the general nonsense she posts, or check out her website at: rileyjfroud.com


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