Chissick Chat #1 ~ Read the Interview with Lily Amis

Chissick Chat

Chissick Chat By Elaine R. Chissick and Lily Amis

This Chissick Chat is the first in a series of author interviews.  First posted on The official Website of Author Elaine R Chissick.  January 28, 2017.
Welcome to the first of more than twenty interviews with authors, starting with both answers to questions and a piece on paying for indie author books, by Lily Amis.

I hope you enjoy this series of blogs, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Would you like to kick off my blog resuscitation with a piece about not giving our work away for free and this new author support Facebook page?

Dear Elaine thank you for this great opportunity. I’m very happy to share my thoughts about FREE Books/e-books and talk about my new FB group of talented and passionate Authors.

“Our Books are not Free”, a Facebook Event in February 2017 organized by Author Rose Montague inspired me to set up the Facebook Group “Authors Support Authors”. Over 500 Authors from all over the world, from all kind of genres, will participate. This is an amazing opportunity for readers to discover their new favorite Writer. It is also a statement from all of us story tellers which is: Enough is enough!

A while ago I wrote a post “Stop selling yourself short” on my blog and asked my blog visitors: “Would you work for months without being paid? Then don’t expect an Author to!” No one works for Free. And as much as Authors appreciate Likes, Retweets and shares on Twitter, Facebook etc., unfortunately they don’t pay our bills! The truth is Independent Authors need paid downloads and Reviews.

I also asked my fellow Authors to stop valuing themselves and their babies/books so short! This Facebook event “Our Books are not Free” and our group “Authors Support Authors” is a sign of support and togetherness. We all agree that it is time for a change. We don’t see why we have to offer our hard work, heart and soul and commitment for Free! We work on our stories for months or even years. We invest time and money for research, editing, book covers and promotion. We understand that some Authors write because it is their hobby and they just enjoy writing. They have a daytime job and a monthly income. So they don’t care about sales.

Others though write because they don’t have anything else. They don’t have a fixed income. They write because it is their job and they do need to make a living. I don’t know who came up with the idea to offer free books in the first place. But in my opinion it is an insult and unfair to talented, passionate and serious Authors. That’s one of the main reasons why we struggle with sales. Honestly why should readers pay when so many Authors offer their book for free just to on the Top of the Amazon Kindle download ranking list.

Self-publishing is a dream come true for every aspiring Author. The possibilities that we have today are amazing. Sometimes I forget how fortunate we are. Internet has changed so much for artists in general, whether you’re a musician, an author or an artist. In the past writers and musicians had to wait, pray and hope for years to be signed by a traditional publisher or record company. But today we can make it happen. Nothing and no one is keeping us back from our dream BESIDE: Free downloads! Many musicians offer their songs/album for Free because they live from gigs. But Authors have nothing besides their product. They can only make money with selling books.

So therefore I ask readers and fellow Authors to respect our work and support us and each other instead of destroying the industry! We all know that it takes hundreds/thousands of Readers until an Indie-Author actually makes any profit! So PLEASE STOP OFFERING FREE Books/e-books. The cost for an e-Book is not a fortune. It is less than a package of cigarette (that kills you!), alcoholic drink (that poisons your body!), and a cup of tea or coffee. You don’t expect your local coffee shop or bar to give you free drinks. So please don’t expect Authors to offer their books for Free either. Thank you.

And onto the author interview …

Hello, Lily Amis, author, artist, blogger and wonderful supporter of all authors, welcome to my blog. Please can you introduce yourself and tell us a little about yourself and your books?

What, or who, inspires you?

My beautiful mom Sima, my little niece Bodi and Life itself.

Do you enjoy reading the same genre as the one you write in?

Yes, definitely. I love true; inspiring and encouraging life stories the most. But also educating and funny stories that make you escape from life and reality for a while.

Has any of your research taken you to an unusual place?

Since last year I’m working on the last part of my memoir-trilogy “Definition of Love” and indeed it has taken me to unusual places. But I won’t reveal it here and now, because it would be a spoiler. 🙂

What are you working on at the moment?

I just finished writing my book “Teddy & Lily – Friendship is unconditional Loyalty”. Now I’m working on the colourful illustrations and the book trailer. It is a sweet story inspired by my memoir “Destination: Freedom”. A wonderful gift for Valentine and Friendship’s day for young and adult readers with important messages about Love, Trust and Friendship.

What are your future writing plans?

I always work on several book projects in different genres. I’m planning to publish at least eight books in 2017. The next steps are Audio books. I like to produce Audio books for my Children book series and my Fiction & humour book “America’s Royal Family”. But my major goal for the future as an Author is to produce a musical or/and film based on my memoir “The Lily Amis Story”.

Is there anything you don’t like about writing/being an author?

No, I love everything about it. Even the hard part which is marketing. I don’t only write, but also enjoy doing the illustrations, book covers and the whole social media and marketing process.

Quick Fire Questions …

Tea or coffee? coffee

Sweet snack or savoury snack? Sweet snack

Real book or eBook? Real book

Cinema or DVD? DVD

Cat or dog? Both!  

Weepie or action movie? Weepie and cheesy! The cheesier the better.  🙂

And to Finish, What is your favourite …

Food? Steak House, a barbeque Stake with garlic mushrooms and sweet potato.    

Drink? Exotic non-alcoholic fruit cocktail

Movie? “Some Like it Hot” with the gorgeous Marilyn Monroe , wonderful Jack Lemmon and handsome Tony Curtis.  

Book? Honestly to this date, my favourite book of all time despite my age is “Pinocchio” by Italian Author Carlo Collodi. Maybe because I wish that people would stop lying and pretending. The world would be such an amazing and peaceful place if everyone would just be honest and kind.  

Colour? It really depends on what. Black, dusty pink, Bordeaux, gold and silver.  

Saying/Proverb? “Selfless Support is what Life is about” by Lily Amis 🙂

Song? Oh, that’s a difficult question. I LOVE too many songs, because I LOVE too many artists. As a lyricist, I always listen carefully to the lyrics. Every song brings back memories. Some happy and some sad moments in Life. Right now my favourite positive song is “You don’t know love” by Olly Murs. It is actually my mobile ring. 😉

Pudding/dessert? Dessert

For more information on Lily and her work, you can find her at:

Lily Amis Social media contacts:

Twitter: @nasSimadesign

Facebook: Lily Amis Author



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