The Choices of Ignorance ~ Part 1 of 2

X: Dreamed of telling Y I actually did want some of my mother’s stuff – one of the torcheries. Then I offered her some tiny souvenirs I got in China

TYM: Lol!! In the abstract that there is something of hers that is valuable /desirable/wanted – haha, but not worth that much.

X: Oh!

Later in the dream Star Wars stuff was involved. And I slept on the street, tho in the dream twas clearly a once-off occasion. And was only in vague danger. Then I dreamed of Marilyn Monroe falling from the good graces of her modelling employers, due to “age”, but more persecution. And she was kind of me.

Haha yeah.

The YM: Interesting And. 🙂

X: Dunno. That’s all.

The YM: Do you remember the Marilyn Story I wrote?

X: I think her story got increasingly dark.

Sort of.

The YM: Yes it did.

The Fable of Marilyn 

Marilyn was a pretty girl, well liked. But she was not satisfied. She was not happy inside. “There must be more,” she said. “I must be missing something.”

So she set about becoming more popular. Making herself beautiful and loved. She did this and still was not happy. “Ah I am not successful or famous. That must be it”

So she set about becoming famous and successful. And she became so. The whole world loved and admired her. But still she was not happy. “It must be because I am not loved by the right people. Yes, strangers love me, yes, people who are not important love me, but no-one that really matters loves me. That must be why I am not happy.”

She set about being loved by important people, even by a president. But still she was not happy. And when she realised that she had fulfilled all her ambitions, that she was loved by everyone, was loved by important people and she still was not happy, she realised…

She realised that there was no further she could go. There was nothing else she could do. She had achieved the pinnacle, but still she was unhappy. There was nothing else she could do.

So sadly Marilyn died of a broken heart. Never having realised that love from outside can never make her happy. Never having realised that the opinions of others can never make any difference. Sadly dear Marilyn never realised it was only her own opinion that mattered.

Marilyn was an inordinately sweet and nice person. She thought that having a good opinion of herself was a bad thing. She believed obtaining the good opinions of others was the good and right thing to do. For that was the view of society. Dear sweet Marilyn in her innocence never questioned this. She simply tried to do what she believed to be the good and right things in order to be happy. And when she came to the end of all her achievements and knew there was no further to go, she lost all hope of happiness. Or so she sadly believed. That hopelessness crushed her heart, and she died of despair.


[This is a personal view. I do not really know if it is true or not, and ofc it matters not whether it is true or not. The point remains the same.]

X: Ah.

TYM: It is pertinent.

X: The other “senior” models in my dream, who were “graduating” or leaving, gave Marilyn their makeup and makeup tools, pretending to be “nice,” but obviously not. She was supposed to be on their level. But they were being bitchy.

In fact they were kinda ugly.

Parallels to Cinderella, maybe?

TYM: In this, that one does not always have to travel to the actual end of a path to become Aware of the Awful Truth of it. We can come to be Aware of the hopelessness of a path we are on, and in that, come to realise the necessity for alternative. To see that alternative choices are sometimes unfortunately viewed as impossible, inordinately difficult, or overwhelming. Because typically we only see a path we are on when we have been on it for a while. Then it is not so overwhelming. But when we see the entire path from the get-go, it appears to be a big deal, and too much for us. But ofc it is never so in reality. As the paths we *have* been on demonstrate. If we had known beforehand, we might likely not have embarked on them.

X: Ok.

Falling asleep again….. *zzzzz* 🙂

TYM: Ah, that is interesting about being “nice’. E and I were discussing something similar. About people *not* liking nice people.

It is often a consequence of the Mentality of Opposites. A very very devastating and far reaching and impactful mentality.

It is very simple. If something is different and good, then by implication I am bad. If something is *not* black, it must be white.

And thus nice people, truly nice people, that have no obvious flaws that can be focused on to provide a belief of flawedness, are not liked, or even despised. They show up crappy people by comparison. A comparison *only* in the distorted Perspective of those caught up in the Mentality of Opposites. It is a sad business. Another consequence of the Superiority Paradigm.

And good, sleep sleep sleep. 🙂 😀 ❤

X: It represents the belief that I was persecuted for being “different” (more beautiful / more clever). But I was persecuted for acting superior.

TYM: Yes. Both.

X: Although that was not evident from the Marilyn in the dream.

I think she represents Innocence.

The women in the dream were false, not truly nice.

TYM: Yes, dreams are seldom directly evident, that is why it is in dream form. If it was already directly evident we would not need to be made Aware of whatever it is via our dreams. So there is always some work to do to get to the point that we need to become aware of. Dreams and other indirect communication methods are ways of acquainting us with the Awful Truth in a gentle way. 🙂 Or simply that which we have not yet had time to fully process. Doesn’t have to be an Awful Truth.

Yes, they were false.

Marilyn was the truly nice one, that’s why they didn’t like her. And the false niceness. They can’t openly not like her for being nice.

X: Maybe. But I was not disliked for being too nice!

TYM: No, but for being cleverer maybe, or for thinking that you were so, or some other reason connected to Superiority.

X: Yep.

TYM: Dreams deal in Abstract Conceptions, so there is a lot of more-or-less and one has to stretch things a bit to see the underlying similarities and thus the point. Haha, we have to actively *make* the connections.

X: That’s a false belief. Cos my rival for 1st place, P, was well-liked. We got on well.

The YM: What is a false belief?

Sister: That I was persecuted for being cleverer.

TYM: It is one of the possibilities. Also *your* belief about yourself comes into play in these matters.

There are ofc many other factors involved. We are isolating one out of many connected to superiority or *Perceived* superiority in some way. Doesn’t mean cleverness is the predominant reason. Like being standoffish, setting yourself apart, not wanting to interact with others, any belief or personal idea that you believe makes you “Special” in some way.

X: Still I did not realise at the time. That I was on the wrong path. I think cos I’d also assimilated the victim/martyr beliefs/values from my mother.

TYM: You, for instance, may not have *wanted* to be liked by crappy people for bs reasons.  

X: So I still don’t see how I was choosing to be like that. When not only did I assimilate harmful false beliefs, but she actively inculcated them

TYM: Yes, the victim/martyr belief, that is a powerful reason for others to not want to be connected or associated.

And, It is a powerful Self-awareness once realised. 🙂

X: Like I said, I “chose” in ignorance and innocence.

So how’s that true choice?

What’s a powerful reason?

TYM: The victim-martyr belief.

We always have choices, we have always *had* choices, but we don’t always remember that we had them. It is convenient to forget we had choices.


Continued in Part 2 to be published next week, on September 8th.

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