ROMANCE: When I See Your Face – Devika Fernando

1241176_origWhen I See Your Face by Devika Fernando is a relatively short, but very enjoyable romance, with an interesting twist that lifts it above your average romance stories. It is sweet and well-written – certainly a pleasant enough read.

Our hero Cathy escapes an abusive marriage to a very successful real estate broker and runs for her freedom. To outsiders she has the perfect marriage, wealth, success and the handsome, successful husband Mark, but only she knows the pain and suffering she has had to endure at his hand during their marriage.

Running away from the big city to a little village, she is determined to start her life again, without her husband’s overbearing presence. The drama begins when she meets Michael, in the local supermarket – Michael is the spitting image of her abusive husband. Why does she feel so attracted to this man who looks so much like Mark? The ensuing drama lifts this book above your average romance.

I enjoyed this book for what it was. Fernando’s writing style is simple and relaxed – very easy to read. This is a fantastic book to while away a couple of hours on a wet afternoon. I would definitely recommend it.

One real bonus with this kindle edition was a further work by Fernando titled Kaleidoscope of Hopes. I was pretty excited to have got two excellent stories for the price of one. I should have known better of course and once I was well and truly into the second book, I realised it was just a sample of the story – albeit a full 50% of the novel. I was enjoying the second story very much so it has probably done its job in tempting me to buy the book, so I can find out how it ends.

A good, solid romance by a talented author. Highly recommend it and pleased to give it the full 5 star treatment. Well done Devika Fernando.


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