DRAMA: There Was No Body – Colin Griffiths

5360845_origThe is the third Griffith’s book that I’ve read and the second in the Fenton Sagas. Frankly, they just get better and better, the more I read. I think I’ve commented before that Griffiths is a consummate story-teller and that he is. The quality and readability of his books improves with every one. There is still some way to go, but what I particularly like about this author is he has taken on board and corrected some earlier criticisms directed at his work. He is a work in progress, but the quality of his story-telling ability far outweighs any misguided perceptions of his style.

His style really is unique and for me that’s one of the more endearing features of reading a Griffith’s book. Being unique does not make his books wrong, in fact it makes them VERY special. His characters are prone to do or say the most unexpected things at the most unexpected times. He sucks you into his stories and you simply are unable to extricate yourself from them, until you have read the final page. Even then, he manages to keep you wondering what will happen next? There is more to come in the Fenton Saga, of that I have no doubt and I look forward to reading more about this fascinating and strangely talented family.

In this iteration of the sage, we find Madison, desperately believing that her brother Todd, whom she has only just met, is somehow still alive. As she keeps repeating to anyone who will listen: There Was No Body! We meet the evil, old patriarch of the family and follow his attempts to destroy his grandchildren, once and for all.

This really is a cracking good tale and one that rollicks along at a fantastic pace. For lovers of the paranormal, this is an absolute MUST READ!

I enjoyed this book immensely and look forward to the sequel, whenever Griffiths gets around to writing it. The Fenton’s are a fascinating, fun and totally enthralling family. This book absolutely deserves the five stars that I’m thrilled to give it.


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