E=MC…. what???

Ever read a book that just made you stop and re-read a section a few times trying to figure out what on earth they meant? Or one that had such complex matter involved that you either just skipped over part of it or got frustrated because it really wasn’t making sense?

It happens. And the reason it happens is because as the “author” you have an innate sense of exactly what everything in your book means. You know your characters like no one else does. You know what’s passed, what’s coming and what was never even covered in your actual book. So this is a difficult, but important point to consider.

During one of your read-throughs pay close attention to complexity and comprehension. Is what you’re trying to say truly making sense.

If at any point you find a part that you have to read more than once, or that causes you to stumble, or if you ever pause and think “I wonder if that makes sense?” make note of it because it could probably use some tweaking.

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