Did I switch the laundry?

Part of the polishing process of your book requires you to read and re-read your book. It’s a good idea to spread this out and leave some time between the reads and even to read other materials at this point to lessen the amount that your own book is front of mind.

While you’re reading your own book you need to be keeping many different things in mind. But realistically, you can’t possibly focus on everything and expect to catch everything in one read-through or even on each read through.

So pick a purpose that you’re going to focus on during each read-through.

One important component to pay attention to is focus – or lack of attention. Yes we all have busy lives and we often get distracted when we’re doing things, especially if it’s on our “must do” list as opposed to our “want to” list.

But when you read your book, if you do find that you’re wondering if you switched the laundry Cat_in_Laundry_Basketduring a part make a note of it. Yes you could just have a lot on your mind, but it’s also very possible that a certain part could be lacking some umph.

We all know that when a really great book gets us in its grips there isn’t anything that our subconscious can do to steal our attention.  That’s the goal you’re trying to achieve with your own book – even on your twelfth read-through!

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